Colon, Prostate Health Index, Early Detection of Lung Cancer (all blood)


Omega Health & Wellness is proud to offer advanced testing through Innovative Diagnostic Laboratory (“IDL”). IDL is a national clinical reference lab specializing in personalized blood-based testing to find cancer. Approximately 40% of the US population will be diagnosed with cancer in their lifetime.

Omega Health & Wellness offers the following early cancer detection panel:

  • ColonSentry® is an easy test for an early warning. Colorectal cancer is the second biggest cancer killer in the United States among cancers that affect both men and women, claiming more than 50,000 lives per year.
  • The Prostate Health Index (PHI) Prostate cancer has a nearly 100% survival rate if it is detected early. But currently used methods for prostate cancer screening lack specificity, giving rise to a large number of false positives. In fact, the harm caused by misleading results often outweighs the potential benefits of testing.
  • EarlyCDT®This test aids physicians in risk assessment and the early detection of lung cancer in high-risk, asymptomatic patients. Elevation of any one of the 7 autoantibodies can aid in predetermined cut-off suggests that a tumor might be present.

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