Patient Newsletter – September 2022

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Changing of the Season

Cooler temperatures, football and pumpkin spice everything… Fall has officially arrived! We’re big fans of this time of year for many reasons.

With the changing of the season upon us, we hope that our patients take the moment to relax and reflect on everything they have accomplished this year, revisit their New Year’s resolutions and talk with their doctor about how to finish the year on a high note. 

Blog: Top Spots To Get Moving in the Jacksonville-area

At Omega Health & Wellness, we recognize the need for a little extra inspiration when deciding whether to head out for a quick walk*, which is why our health experts pulled together a list of the top spots in the Jacksonville area to put foot to pavement (or sand) and get moving. Click here to read the full list

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August 2022 - Omega Health & Wellness Social (1)

From Our Social: Pain Awareness Month

During the month of September, we recognized and lent our voices to raising awareness for a vitally important health holiday – Pain Awareness Month. 

This annual, month-long observation serves as a rallying cry for individuals battling pain, amplifying the public’s understanding of pain management therapies and recognizing the great work pain professionals do during the month of September…and beyond.

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It Takes Two To Mango

Mangoes are native to India and Southeast Asia, and people have cultivated the fruit for over 4,000 years. Hundreds of types of mangoes exist, each with its own characteristic taste, shape, size, and color. This fruit is not only delicious but also boasts a number of healthy nutrients. 

🥭 Mango is low in calories yet high in nutrients — particularly vitamin C, which aids immunity, iron absorption, and cell growth and repair

🥭 One cup of fresh mango provides nearly 67% of daily vitamin C. 

🥭 Mango has over a dozen different types of polyphenols, including mangiferin, which is especially powerful. Polyphenols function as antioxidants inside your body.

🥭 Mango contains magnesium, potassium, and the antioxidant mangiferin, which all support healthy heart function.

🥭 Mango polyphenols may fight oxidative stress, which is linked to many health conditions, including colon, lung, prostate, breast, and bone cancers.

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