Patient Newsletter – September 2021

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Pain Awareness Month


September is Pain Awareness Month, a month-long national campaign, which focuses on bringing attention to all types of pain and pain treatment. In recognition of this important observation, Omega Health & Wellness has been sharing information and resources on our social media pages, blog and other channels to help further this cause. We hope you’ll follow along as we work to raise awareness and provide education about pain. 

Patients interested in learning more, or those with questions about their own pain are encouraged to contact our team. You are not alone.

BLOG: Pain Awareness Month - Why & How To Get Involved

How did National Pain Awareness Month begin? Who organizes this nationwide effort? How can you get involved to help yourself and others? We have the answers you need. Explore this topic with us in our latest blog. Click here to read more.


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From Our Social: Kind Words From Patients

We love hearing feedback from our patients! From time to time we like to share what our patients are saying on our Facebook page. Want to leave us a positive note? Click here!

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Explain Your Pain - A Free guide

Introducing, a special resource for those dealing with chronic pain. “Explain Your Pain” – the free, easy-to-use guide for measuring and tracking pain. With this free resource, those coping with pain can: 

✅ Take control of their pain
✅ Better communicate care needs
✅ Track daily pain levels
✅ Identify problem areas of the body
✅ Monitor Care Success
✅ And more!

Download your free guide by clicking the button below. 

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