Patient Newsletter – November 2022

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Congratulations Dr. Beaman

Your favorite physician has an important work anniversary this month!

For 15 years, Dr. Beaman has provided patients visiting Omega Health & Wellness with personalized and compassionate care, helping them get back to living the life they want – pain-free. Please join us in congratulating Dr. B this month as he celebrates this impressive milestone

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Morning or Evening? Why your workout start time matters

Most individuals agree that the best time to work out is relative to when we can squeeze it into our busy schedules. But does the time you exercise actually matter? In our latest blog, we cover why the time you choose to exercise matters. Click here to read more.


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Giving Thanks

Happy belated Thanksgiving to all of our patients, friends and family! May this joyous season be a beautiful reminder of the wonderful things in life – family, friends, food and the blessing of being together.


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November 2022 - Omega Health & Wellness Social

Life is Gourd

May or may not be talking about the leftover pumpkin pie in the back of your fridge, but in addition to being your favorite delicious fall flavor, pumpkin is also nutritious and linked to many health benefits. 

Here are six impressive nutrition and health benefits of pumpkin: 

🎃 It’s highly Nutritious and Particularly Rich in Vitamin A.
🎃 It contains antioxidants, which may protect your cells against damage.
🎃 It is high in vitamins A, E and C, which can help boost your immune system.
🎃 It may also protect against sight loss.
🎃 It contains beta-carotene, which acts as a natural sunblock and has anti-aging qualities. 
🎃 It is low-calorie and nutrient-dense and a good source of fiber, which may suppress your appetite and promote weight loss.

Read more health benefits of including pumpkin in your diet by clicking here. 


The Omega Health & Wellness Blog is packed with info on the latest company news and resources to keep you feeling your best – VISIT

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