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Eat Good, Sleep Good: Bedtime snacks to enhance your sleep quality

Who says that late-night snack has to be bad for you? Our latest blog explains the top foods and drinks to help you catch more zzzs! So what are the best foods to improve your sleep? Click here to find out. Click here to read more.


Prioritize Your Sleep

Earlier this month, we observed Sleep Awareness Week, presented by the National Sleep Foundation, by sharing fast facts about daily habits and routines and how they relate to sleep performance. Many individuals sabotage their sleep routines with bad habits in these crucial four areas:


❌ Light Exposure During the Day – Nearly ½ of Americans say they’re not exposed to bright light indoors in the morning (49%) or afternoon (47%)


❌ Screen Use at Night – Over ½ of Americans (58%) often look at screens within an hour before bedtime or in bed before sleep


❌ Meal Regularity – 4 in 10 Americans eat meals at inconsistent times


❌ Physical Activity – More than ⅓ of Americans (36%) fall short of CDC recommendations for moderate or vigorous activity, and when they’re not physically active, they spend much of their time seated


March 30: National Doctor's Day

Friday, March 30, is National Doctor’s Day! If you have an appointment or are stopping by our Jacksonville, Florida location later this week, please join us in recognizing and thanking our very own Dr. Beaman! 


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