Patient Newsletter – June 2021

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Happy Father's Day

We’re wishing all our wonderful patients and their loved ones a very happy (and belated) Father’s Day! We hope you spent this past Sunday sharing the day with those you hold dear, celebrating all the dads, grandfathers and role models who made a difference along the way. 

Three Ways Your Body Reacts to Nutrient Deficiency

Is your check engine light on? Not literally, rather, is your body letting you know it needs a little maintenance? Our bodies are capable of letting us know something is wrong. From brittle hair to low energy, there are many symptoms that indicate your body is missing essential nutrients. Curious to learn more? Click here to read the full article.

Click here to see the full list. 

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Say Hello To Kieaira

Please join us in welcoming our newest team member – Kieaira! She comes to Omega Health & Wellness with extensive health care experience and a knack for making patients feel at home.


Want to read more about Kieaira? Click here to view her bio on our website and browse the bio pages from other OHW team members.

Blog: Pain-Free Summer: Your Guide

Being more active means more fun but also comes with inherent risks. For this reason, the expert pain management team at Omega Health and Wellness has put together a quick guide to help our patients and others enjoy their favorite summer activities while staying pain-free or minimizing the risk of exacerbating existing injuries.


Learn how to avoid common summertime injuries in our latest blog. Read More

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