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Osteopathic Medicine For Promoting Chronic Pain Relief

Because of the complexity of pain and the many causes, effective pain management requires a holistic medical approach. For this reason, osteopathic physicians are uniquely positioned to assess, manage and oversee the treatment of a patient’s pain. At OHW this means free OMT treatments for existing patients. What’s that mean click here to learn more.

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Your Free Birthday Gift

We got you a free gift! Omega Health & Wellness is happy to announce we will be giving existing patients one FREE Vitamin B12 injection during their birth month. Keep an eye on your inbox for a personalized reminder and stop by our practice during your birth month to redeem your free gift.

Known as the feel-good vitamin, B12 helps regulate body functions, prevent heart disease and reduce fatigue. There are many reasons to include this miracle vitamin in your health journey. 

Five Pain-fighting Anti-inflammatory Foods to Know

The food you consume has a massive impact on how you feel and your overall health. Beyond regularly eating organic, whole foods that make up a balanced diet, there are some foods that punch above their weight for fighting inflammation. 

Learn about physician-recommended foods that can help you fight inflammation, stiffness and pain. Read More

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