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Celebrating the Season


Happy belated Easter from your Omega Health & Wellness team! We hope you and your loved ones enjoyed celebrating the holiday, the season and the resounding arrival of spring!  registered patients during their appointments and other wellness services at OHW. 


Blog: Five little known reasons to drink more water

Our bodies rely on water to survive and thrive. While the role of water in our health and daily lives is often overlooked, staying hydrated is one of the easiest and cheapest ways to improve our health. Even so, a majority of adults in the U.S. don’t drink enough water.

But why try in the first place? Our health experts put together the top reasons to prioritize hydration. Read the full list here. 


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April 2022 - Omega Health & Wellness Social

From Our Social: Alcohol Awareness Month

April is Alcohol Awareness Month, which serves as a reminder of the risks facing those in a cycle of alcohol abuse. In recent years, alcohol abuse has become even more prevalent – making this health holiday even more essential. We’ve been spreading awareness of the dangers of excessive alcohol consumption on our Facebook page all month long and encouraging those following along to revisit their relationship with alcohol. 

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Boost Your Mood, Energy With B12

Sometimes called the “feel-good vitamin,” B12 shots are well known to boost mood and energy. What you might not know… B12 can also help boost your immune system, which we all know is essential these days. If you’ve been curious about B12 or just need a boost, there’s never been a better time to stop by. 

April 2022 - Omega Health & Wellness Social (1)

How to Stretch Your Lower Back to Relieve Pain from Excessive Sitting

If you feel like everyone you know has complained about tightness or stiffness in their lower back, you’re not just imagining it. About 80 percent of people experience lower back pain and a majority of those attribute the issue to excessive sitting. If you’re one of many suffering from pain from sitting, you’ll want to give these moves a try. Read more here!

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