Patient Newsletter – April 2021

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Start Each Day With A Boost - Like our Team

We take our daily vitamins, and you should too! While we get much of our needed nutrients through diet, it’s nearly impossible to get enough of everything your body requires for optimum health (and no your multivitamin is not helping). Many of our staff members have their own mix of vitamins they take each morning. 

✅ Marisol’s mix includes Vitamin C, Vitamin D and Magnesium.
✅ Jim’s contain Daily Essentials and Vitamin D.

Want help making your own blend? Contact us today

Blog: Natural Mood Enhancers

The use of natural mood enhancers has become an increasingly popular way to reduce the symptoms of depression. Many of these natural substances may be able to supplement existing prescription medications or in some cases replace them. At the latest Omega Health & Wellness blog, we look into a few natural remedies known for boosting mood. Click here to see the full list. 

The Omega Health & Wellness Blog is packed with info on the latest company news and resources to keep you feeling your best – VISIT

April 2021 - Omega Health & Wellness Social

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Blog: What's All The Talk About Gluten?

Gluten is different from proteins in other grains, like rice, and meat in that it is difficult for humans to digest completely. It can make some people very sick, but not everyone. Learn about the symptoms of gluten intolerance and their similarities to Celiac disease via our latest blog. Read More

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