Osteopathic Medicine For Promoting Chronic Pain Relief

The sensation of pain is the direct response of thousands of complex neurological signals designed to prevent tissue damage through unpleasant sensory experiences. Because of the complexity of this bodily response, as well as the many causes of pain, effective management of pain requires a holistic medical approach. For this reason, osteopathic physicians are uniquely positioned to assess, manage and oversee the treatment of a patient’s pain. 


Patients undergoing pain management therapies at Omega Health & Wellness’ Jacksonville, Florida medical practice have likely experienced the power of Osteopathic medicine for relieving chronic pain. For those new to the concept of Osteopathic medicine, it’s essential to understand the basis and promise of this unique form of medical treatment. 


What is Osteopathic Medicine?

According to the American Osteopathic Association, Osteopathic medicine is a distinct practice of medicine common in the U.S. It emphasizes the interconnected unity of all bodily systems, each working with the other to heal in times of illness. Because doctors of Osteopathic Medicine, or DO’s, consider the entire human body and interrelated functions, they often look beyond treatments for specific symptoms and instead focus on prescribing medicines and therapies that promote overall health. DO’s also look beyond symptoms to understand how lifestyle and environmental factors impact a patient’s wellbeing. 


DOs, are fully licensed physicians who practice their unique whole-person approach in every medical specialty. They complete extensive postgraduate and clinical training before earning the title.


DO’s closely follow four tenets of osteopathic medicine, which include:

  • The body is a unit; a person is a unit of body, mind, and spirit.
  • The body is capable of self-regulation, self-healing, and health maintenance.
  • Structure and function are reciprocally interrelated.
  • Rational treatment is based upon an understanding of the basic principles of body unity, self-regulation, and the interrelationship of structure and function.


Benefits of the Osteopathic Approach For Pain

As discussed, an Osteopathic approach looks at the entire person seeking treatment and works proactively to improve their overall health. This combined effort of unique therapies, lifestyle intervention, and even psychological assistance can provide relief and promote the body’s ability to repair itself. 


It is common for DO’s to coach patients to make positive health choices alongside well-known therapies, like Osteopathic Manipulation Therapy or (OMT), for example, they might recommend a treatment plan that includes any of the following:


  • More exercise
  • A healthier diet
  • Better sleep habits
  • Stress relief
  • Medicine
  • Physical therapy
  • Behavioral therapy or counseling
  • Procedures such as nerve blocks or other injections
  • Surgery


Approaching pain with an Osteopathic philosophy can provide a wide variety of benefits, including: 

  • Improved pain relief 
  • Decreased use of prescription pain medications 
  • Reduced need for surgical or  specialist interventions 
  • Medical cost savings 


Osteopathic Manipulation: What is it? 

DO’s are finely attuned to the interconnected structures of the human body and reserve special consideration for the importance of the musculoskeletal system. Beyond their training as medical doctors, DO’s also learn manipulation techniques such as adjustments of the bones, ligaments and muscles to use in conjunction with conventional treatments. This practice mentioned previously is called Osteopathic manipulation treatment (OMT). 


With OMT, DO’s move a patient’s muscles and joints using techniques that include stretching, gentle pressure, and resistance. If undergoing OMT, one can expect gentle guidance from the DO, light pressure, resistance, and stretching. Some standard OMT techniques may include:


  • Soft tissue: Gentle stretching and pressure on your muscles to promote increased blood flow and improve flexibility.
  • Muscle energy: In this technique, patients move their muscles in a specific direction while the DO counters that movement. 
  • Myofascial release: The DO uses firm but gentle pressure to release tension in the fascia, which is the layer of connective tissue surrounding bones, muscles, and organs.
  • Osteopathic cranial manipulative medicine: The DO applies gentle pressure to the skull to stimulate healing.


OMT can help people of all ages. This treatment can be used to ease pain, promote healing, and increase overall mobility. OMT is often used to treat muscle pain, but it can also help patients with many other health problems such as:


  • Asthma
  • Sinus Disorders
  • Carpal tunnel syndrome
  • Migraines
  • Menstrual Pain
  • Tension
  • Headaches
  • Viral Illness
  • Lower Back pain
  • Muscle Spasms


Osteopathic Manipulation Is Free During Every Visit

Existing Omega Health & Wellness patients are able to receive free OMT from our in-house DO at no extra charge with each scheduled visit. So, whether you seek back pain relief, knee pain relief, or neck and shoulder pain relief, wherever the source of your chronic pain, we encourage you to place your pain relief treatment in the hands of our specialists who want to relieve your pain and restore your quality of life.


If you’re experiencing pain, help is available. Our expert Jacksonville pain management team is standing by and ready to assist you. We know how to help patients manage, and in many cases, overcome their chronic pain. Call us today at +1 904-724-5767 for a free phone consultation or make an appointment as soon as the next business day. 


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