HCG Weight Loss Diet

Is an hCG Weight Loss Diet right for me?
HCG has been used for weight loss for over 60 years, it has helped thousands of overweight people to achieve their goal of weight loss and keep it off. HCG is a hormone, its main purposes is to help the body take stored up “obese/extra fat” and convert it into calories. This is done through raising the body’s rate of metabolism while using stored fat for energy. It’s these calories and the additional intake of a very low carbohydrate diet that allows the body to safely lose an average of ½lbs to 1lbs or more per day.
hcg weight loss diet
What makes our program different?
Not all programs are the same. Our program and solutions are as unique as you are. We recognize each person is different in their genetic makeup and how it responds to changes. We use state-of-the-art testing, which enables us to identify potential health and genetic reason for weight challenges. It’s through a combination of diagnostic testing and Dr. Simeon’s original hCG program that we have been able to help many people achieve their personal goals.

What’s included in our program?
Our program is a medically managed program. There are very few contraindicates for people wanting to do hCG. Therefore we do recommend many specific labs be drawn*. Our program includes a 28-30 day supply of hCG and supplies, office visit, four weeks B-12 injections, recipes, EKG, and 2 day enzymatic detox. We may recommend specific therapies to meet your specific medical and/or genetic needs, but there is no requirement to purchase supplements, enzymes, or other “extras”.

*in most cases labs are typically covered by all insurances. Self-pay rates are available

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