Any physical exercise is good. Just by walking or climbing a set of stairs one can energize his or her own body. The importance is to have a regular routine. With routine our body will actually adjust its metabolism to our program and burn fats and build muscles. Exercising routinely fights of stress and anxiety and strengthens our sleeping cycles. A routine exercise program is the first building block to a healthy life and an important foundation for supplemental hormones.

Your inner clock is not only related to a sleeping schedule. Your body can anticipate when exercise is going to occur if a regulated routine is in place. This way your metabolism begins working in the hour preceding your scheduled exercise and your body is actually looking forward to every day. Without a routine your body doesn’t anticipate the exercise and no consistency is developed. This can be quite a psychological damper for you, as you don’t feel that you are improving. The general rule is: Exercise a minimum of 30 minutes every day!!! Get your body in the routine that will make your life better.

Hormones and Exercise
When your routine begins working for you, we will also begin working for you. The effectiveness of our supplemental hormones coupled with your exercise routine will increase their effectiveness manifold. Not only are you taking care of yourself, but we are helping you achieve the maximum efficiency your body has to offer. Past the age of 28 the hormonal production of your body declines. With our supplements and your love of exercise you will feel better, be healthier, be more alert, and improve many aspects of your life that you might not have believed to be connected to a simple routine.