D’Oxyva Treatment

D’Oxyva ® is non-invasive and painless solution that has recorded instant, unmatched, and lasting improvements of blood circulation. How D`Oxyva works is soft vapor of water and Carbon Dioxide (CO2), which is widely accepted as a natural vasodilator, readily and safely dissolves into the skin to increase skin perfusion, pressure, or microcirculation. There are no needles. It’s painless, easy to use, and safe, with no detrimental or adverse side effects. It only takes about 5 minutes per application.

D`Oxyva delivers the highest possible concentration of CO2 and has been clinically studied to significantly increase lasting blood flow volume. By targeting the body’s own abilities to quickly and non-invasively produce drastic and lasting improvements in capillary blood flow, cellular and tissue oxygenation both locally and throughout the entire body virtually instantly, the device may provide long-term benefits for humans and animals of all ages. Its action mechanism in the body is thought to enhance the delivery and utilization of vitamins, creams, wraps, dressings, medications, minerals, and other beneficial molecules.


In Aesthetic for beautification
Carbon Dioxide (CO2) therapy has been one of the first lines of treatment against the signs of aging for years now. As red blood cells move more freely and actively close to the surface, CO2 is effective for fine lines and wrinkles, skin tightening, lightening of stretch marks, scars, and hyper pigmentation.

Overall health
Some of the most obvious and profound results of improved microcirculation can be found, not surprisingly, holdwomin the skin. The fact is microcirculation in the capillaries is the most important system in the body. Capillaries facilitate exchange of nutrients, gases like oxygen and carbon dioxides, wastes, small proteins, and hormones between the blood and body cells. Capillaries web the entire body and every organ. The microcirculation system helps the structure and function of connective tissues and help clear congestion of lymph, skin, along with detoxify the body, improve sleep, stamina, improve body healing, and much more.



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